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Strange action coming from your washer?

Lack of heat, won’t start, noises and leaks in all cleaning appliances. We at Joseph's Appliance repair we replace heating element to solve cleaning and poor washing problems. We Solve drainage problems in washing machines and dryers.

  • Washer or Dryer won’t start

  • Washer or Dryer won’t spin

  • Washer or Dyer making loud noise

  • Washer or Dryer making grinding noise

  • Washing Machine leaking water

  • Washing Machine is overflowing

  • Dryer not heating

Common problems we can help you with:

Choose Joseph's Appliance Repair and feel comfortable knowing all of our parts and labor are covered by a 90-day warranty.


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90-day warranty on parts and labor

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We are licensed and insured. We offer a 90-day warranty on parts and labor.

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